Contractor’s camp for a good cause in Munich’s school for the handicapped

The gymnasium vestibule and entrance area had to be refurbished during the ‘Aktion Sonnenschein - Help for Children With Multiple Disabilities registered association’. Contractor Klaus Ziegler of Ziegler Raumausstattung in Ruderting, Bavaria, found out and immediately suggested the project as a charitable community initiative at his Contractors in the Forum - because he knew that the performance-oriented community was looking for just such a project.


Gebäudetyp Educational institutions (International)
Land Germany

Ulrich Eibl and Dirk Schwarten, also Bavarian limited partners of Objekteure im Forum, declared themselves immediately ready to undertake the campaign together with Klaus Ziegler. And Helga Großmann, head of the Munich school for disabled children, was naturally excited about the unexpected help.

Further support for the ‘Sonnenschein campaign’ came from Uzin - a brand Uzin Utz SE, Forbo, and 3M, all of whom were active as premium partners at Objekteure im Forum. Uzin supplied the levelling compound, adhesive, and other installation materials, Forbo provided the linoleum for the gymnasium vestibule, and 3M fitted the entire entrance area with foot-wiping tiles in an innovative dust trap system.

Floor installers offer up their work time free of charge

Ziegler Raumausstattung took over removing and disposing of the old floor covering, as well as supplying skirting boards at no charge. Then the floor installers from the three contractors could get to work: At the end of August this year, they used Uzin products to level the substrate in the gymnasium vestibule, 180 m², adhered the Forbo linoleum with Uzin adhesive, and installed the clean click tiles from 3M - all without charging for their time. The institution for children with multiple disabilities only took care of accommodations and sustenance for the workers.

Approach to preparing subfloors and bonding

For the preliminary measures, the installers decided to use the universal primer PE 360 from Uzin. This water-based, very penetrative dispersion primer binds surface dust, reduces absorbency of the substrate, and protects substrates that are sensitive to moisture from water from the levelling compounds and adhesives. UZIN PE 360 prevents the mixing water from the levelling compound from withdrawing too quickly, and functions as a bonding agent. The universal primer is also suitable as a special preparation for smoothing with the levelling compound NC 170 from Uzin. Thus the universal primer UZIN PE 360 was applied on the absorbent substrate as a bonding agent with a fine-pored foam roller. About two hours later, the installers smoothed the floor with the self-levelling, high-tenacity compound UZIN NC 170 Ecoline.
The floor layers adhered the linoleum on the dried areas thus prepared using the universal lino adhesive LE 44 Ecoline from Uzin.  

Good and useful combined together

The “Objekteur camp” was a great success for all participants. For a start, the floor layers were able to be trained at a concrete building project; for another, the advertising effect of the campaign was beneficial for the participating companies, as well as the entire 'Objekteure im Forum GmbH & Co. KG’ performance-oriented community. And the Sonnenschein campaign was happy too to get their urgently needed floor refurbishment through unexpected support without having to spend their own resources on it. They can now spend on the children instead.

 The participating companies

  • Ziegler Raumausstattung GmbH, Klaus Ziegler, Ruderting
  • Bodenlos GmbH, Dirk Schwarten, Munich
  • Eibl GmbH, Ulrich Eibl, Lengdorf

Objekteure im Forum

'Objekteure im Forum GmbH & Co. KG' is a nationwide community of powerful craft businesses from the floor covering, wood flooring, tile/natural stone, screed, and interior decorating sectors.

With extensive experience in preparing and completing projects of all magnitudes, the craft businesses involved are competent points of contact for architects, building planners, and private commissioners.

Investing in training and further education for employees provides the basis for high-quality craftsmanship.

Due to close cooperation with industry partners, the contractors are up to date with state of the art engineering, and are important drivers of innovation for practice-oriented products and systems.

By merging into work groups, even large or cross-regional projects with shortened execution times can be implemented within the companies involved.

In order to test whether this type of collaboration could run smoothly, the member firms organised "Objekteurs-Camps", at which employees can receive simultaneous, mutual training. Due to extensive support from a number of partner companies in the industry (currently 3M, Forbo, eiffelgres, Amtico, Jaso, Vorwerk, Armstrong DLW, Proline, and the Ufloor Systems with Uzin, Pallmann, and Wolff), free flooring installations can be carried out here to benefit philanthropic organisations, like Aktion Sonnenschein.

Verwendete Produkte

UZIN LE 44 Premium Linoleum Adhesive

Dispersion-based adhesive for linoleum in sheets, cork linoleum and corkment on absorbent substrates

  • very hard adhesive ridge
  • excellent application properties
  • short waiting time

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